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Jetson Cubbington was a gift for Jetson's first birthday.

What began with one custom made bowtie by his aunt (a custom fashion designer for entertainers) has evolved into bowties, hats, and the best custom and premade pieces for your precious littles.

Our custom pieces are handmade by a small family in Texas.

Our machine embroidery is by either one of two small companies in Arkansas.

We've partnered with Handmade by Jenn in SC for hand embroidery.

We use fabric companies mainly out of Alabama and New York.

Our buttons for Spring are custom Mother of Pearl.

Most of our ribbons are custom designed by mom & our show hostesses.

Our bowtie fabrics are custom made.

Our hats are made with leather straps and stamped metal.

We love working with and supporting small businesses.

Jetson's logo is a small plane with a cross (propellers)

It's a nod to where he was born, the birthplace of aviation, and a nod to the Man Above 

Since Jetson is very involved in the business, you may notice misplaced stickers, notes, and often message postage stamp placements.  

Thank you very much for supporting our very small family business.



Please review the information before paying.

Payment is acknowledgment that all information, fabrics and sizing is correct. 

Custom orders are estimated to ship 10 to 12 weeks after payment is received. Occasional supplier delays or inclement weather delays may alter the schedule. We will communicate any delays with your hostess and provide updates online.


We hate to even have to say this... If custom order invoices are not paid within one week, they will be canceled. 
We will send a notice before we cancel. If this happens twice with the same customer, we will no longer send invoices to that account.

Custom items are not returnable.

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